International Womxn’s Day – The Tukundane Organisation

I sat down with Phiona from Tukundane, which is an organisation in Uganda that helps improve the lives of single mothers with HIV. They help tackle the issues these womxn face daily, as well as help educate communities on HIV and AIDS.

What does the International Womxn’s Day slogan, #choosetochallenge mean to you in your work life? 

To us, it means taking a stand, voicing our beliefs without fear and hesitation. Standing up against discrimination, social inequality, injustice etc. That our work as women is important and being recognised. That we as women are no longer defined by our sex, we now have presidents, doctors, pilots, teachers who are women – just to mention a few, and as women in general, we are choosing to challenge stereotypes and not letting societal norms define us. We are writing our own stories and telling them the way we would want them to read. 

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