ON  11th August 2022,Tukundane Charity Organization re-opened its offices after six months of closure due to unavoidable circumstances. As some of our close friends may know, last year in December our offices where broken into and we lost most of our equipment and materials which forced us to close. However, we are excited for new beginnings, and this is how the day went. We  started with free community HIV testing and free counselling with assistance from our partners TASO.

 Mr. Simon together with his team arrived around 1o:30am  and took the community and women through basic trainings like how to properly use male condom, and female condoms where to access the services in case one needs them. The dialogue between the community and the experts  went on and questions were asked and answered. Question on self -testing kits questions raised like where to purchase  all answered by Taso team .As long as someone walks into Taso premises they can get free services these include free HIV testing kits, condoms and ARVS .However if one goes outside, then one maybe be asked to pay for these services hence Simon encouraged the community to always find time and visit Taso for some of these services free of charge.

The women  and community were taken through different education/awareness on different topics like  mother to child HIV prevention ,stds and where to get treatment in cases of sexually transmitted diseases  for example gonorrhea. The women also got to display some of their products at the event like the Tukundane fire lighters Liquid soap. These are some of the products that we use to empower women with as we also continue to curb violence that women continue to face by making them financially independent. Our new offices are along Ttula road just after the roundabout.