COVID-19 Outreach

First and foremost we would love to extend our sincere gratitude to our in kind supporters who were kind enough to contribute donations to our COVID-19 Outreach. We appreciate each and every one of you. This outreach was possible because of the kindness you show us and the Tukundane Charity Organisation members.

Tukundane Covid outreach took place on 28/8/2020. With a donation drive and the efforts of the Tukundane Charity Organisation founders, we were able carry out the outreach during the month of August.

The outreach consisted of shopping of essentials , food supplies and much needed resources for the Tukundane members and their families. Together with help of volunteers we set out to meet the women and young girls.

Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, members were supplied with facemasks, we help the meeting in a wide open space to keep to the social distancing rules. Counselling sessions were provided for the members and address the effects of COVID-19 to their mental and financial state.

During the outreach we took time to discuss current Tukundane programs where the women were able to share any concerns and effects of COVID-19 to their current ability to work and sustain themselves financially. We discussed any improvements that can be made and any essential needs and assistance that the members felt they needed in the immediate future to better help them tackle the obstacles and impact of COVID-19.

Tukundane is a growing entity and would like to expand our network with various funders and well-wishers as we continue with our work in HIV care to young women and single mothers living with HIV/AIDS in more areas of Uganda.